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QNFS named HSSE Contractor of the Quarter for the second time


Every quarter, Qatar Shell selects a Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Contractor of the Quarter from one of its numerous contractors on site. This award is based on selection criteria that varies from quarter to quarter but generally includes HSSE statistics, worker welfare efforts, training programs, general contributions and participation in site HSSE and leading HSSE initiatives.

The award is presented by the Qatar Shell Gas To Liquid (QSGTL) management team and is the highest HSSE accolade a contractor on site can achieve.

The good news for the Qatar National Facilities Services (QNFS) team is that it has won it………again!

  The QNFS family celebrates


               QNFS HSSE Manager Eben Burger and QNFS General Manager (Deon Otto) receive the award

The first award QNFS received was for 4Q 2012, and it was again received for 2Q 2013. During the award ceremony, QNFS was singled out for its outstanding HSSE contribution to the success of the QSGTL facility and the fact that the team has led numerous site HSSE initiatives. QNFS is also the first contractor to win this award twice and is further proof of its “can do” attitude.

This pays homage to the fact that QNFS management has placed the highest priority and a focused and concerted effort to continuously train, coach and monitor all employees on HSSE principles over an extended period of time. This recognition comes and was also recognized after a very successful Fluor audit that was conducted in June on site.

However the most important contributors to this award are each and every QNFS employee. The basic philosophy that each employee is firstly a safety officer and only thereafter a skilled employee is the cornerstone of the success that has been achieved to date. Safety needs to be a core value in the mind of every single employee every single minute of the day.

To achieve this, management must create the correct systems, environment and culture so that all employees feel empowered to implement safe working practices with the thorough understanding that they have the full support of management in any corrective actions or interventions they undertake. If all employees safeguard the seconds and hours, then essentially, the weeks and months will safeguard themselves.

QNFS is proud of what it has achieved to date but also endeavors to install a feeling of “constant guard or unease” so that employees never become over confident or complacent and always remain vigilant in identifying and acting against potential hazards.

In short: Prevention is better than cure.

QNFS again proves that it is a “can do” organization.


By: Eben Burger - QNFS HSSE Manager