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 Another Milestone for QNFS at Shell


The second week of April 2013 was again a special week for QNFS and its all employees in that the Shell project achieved 3 000 000 manhours without an LTI. which translates into 1139 working days or 162 weeks or just more than 3 years. When the fact that QNFS is a front line maintenance organization that faces risks in the field on a continuous basis is added in, the achievement is even more remarkable.

Of course this type of achievement only comes with the dedication and focus of each and every person on the project and to them the Management of QNFS owes a BIG debt of gratitude. Each and every employee contributed to this success by working safely, ensuring that they understand the risks, intervening and speaking up where required and caring for each other. With close on 600 people on the project this is no small feat. In fact it is something that we can all be very proud of. However as always we must remain vigilant and ensure that we all continue to be aware of all and any risks. Achieving milestones and statistics is all good and well, but much more important is the fact that each and every one of us can go home in the same state we arrived at work each and every day. If we focus on the small matters the achievements will come by itself.

This focus on the small stuff starts with the way we accept new people into QNFS and how we treat them from their first day at work. This starts with the medical tests and the induction at QNFS. All employees are welcomed as part of our family but they are also clearly told that they need to fit into the QNFS culture to achieve success. Their attitude towards HSE is of primary concern and any doubts are addressed quickly to ensure that all employees know and understand their own responsibilities as regards HSE. All new comers are introduced to the rest of QNFS personnel where they state their names and where they come from. After the inductions they wear a new employee sticker on their helmets to ensure that the ”old hands” can easily identify them and assist them when required. If they are deemed HSE competent after 3 months these identifying stickers are then removed. However this does not mean that they stop receiving training. In fact the opposite is true in that they are continuously and consistently subject to HSE training to ensure they remain focused.

All new comers are also actively encouraged to participate in the “Who is waiting for me” campaign whereby employees can put pictures of their loved ones on a display area to remind them why they working and earning money and also to remind them of why they need to follow the HSE rules to ensure they return safely to their loved ones in the picture.

So we need to once again thank all the employees for their great efforts, but we would also like to thank the Management of QNFS for their continued support and encouragement as well as Shell for their assistance and support of QNFS and the many campaigns they have assisted in.

Together we are a “Can Do” team