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Mr. Deon Otto of QNFS receiving the award from Wael

Mr. Wael handing over a HSSE Award QNFS personnel attending the ceremony

QNFS has reached a number of very important and noteworthy achievements in its short history and has once again stepped up and achieved another milestone. It has just been announced that QNFS has won the prestigious Shell Qatar HSSE Contractor award for Q4 of 2012.

QNFS is one the largest Contractors performing activities and services for Qatar Shell and has over the last 3 years proven itself to be a consistent and reliable partner in all spheres of the business including HSSE. This award is the culmination of many months of efforts and application of best practices in a practical manner. Although many philosophies and theories can be thought of, it all bottoms out to the one basic believe and right.


This is a simple statement but encompasses all aspects of daily activities including planning and preparation, execution preparedness, safe execution, personal safety behavior and closing out of daily activities. This means the Company has a duty to the employees but the employees also have a duty to the Company. QNFS has from the commencement of the project played an active and leading role in the establishment of an extraordinary safety culture at site by empowering people to speak up and intervene in a respectful manner whenever any unsafe act or condition is noticed. No observation is too small and all people are important enough to be heard.

Training of personnel in discipline and HSSE competencies has been a cornerstone of the QNFS culture together with continued visibility of Management at site. The more people see the Leadership team the easier it is for them to speak up about matters that concern them. However it is not only at work where employees should be valued. Worker welfare has been a key driving force for QNFS with the establishment of a high standard of accommodation facilities. This includes proper functioning Air-conditioning facilities, TV with satellite channels for the different nationalities, caretakers who do the cleaning of the camps as well as washing and ironing of clothing, actively organizing and encouraging participation in sporting events (The QNFS cricket team won the Shell cricket league and the Basket Ball team was the runners up).

All tools and equipment including PPE is of the highest standard and QNFS has received numerous comments regarding the neatness and professional appearance of the staff. All staff also have their names and discipline embroided on the cover-alls as well as the Areas in which they work to clearly identify them. QNFS has also just introduced an identification card for all QNFS personnel which displays their picture, full name, discipline and employee number. All this helps to build pride and a sense of QNFS identity.

The custom of daily tool box talks is now well established and during these talks all new comers are asked to introduce themselves and give a short summary of their background. All birthdays are also recognized as well as special occasions like marriages, the birth of children, academic achievements and the like.

On their own none of the above is anything new or unique. However if it is applied consistently and on a daily basis with real Leadership commitment it can lead to building a team that achieves many milestones, like we are doing at QNFS. Vigilant care everyday in everything that is done is the basic requirement. Achievements like more than 2.5 million hours without an LTI or close on 1100 days with no serious incident look after themselves but we as employees whom are part of the greater QNFS family need to look after each other.

QNFS is a proud winner of the Shell award but is well aware that this type of achievement only comes with hard and dedicated work on a continuous basis and that no relaxation of any sort can be allowed.


By: Eben Burger - QNFS HSE Manager



Health Safety & Environmental


QNFS hold sacred the well-being of people, employee's customers and communities in which we work and live.

We strongly believe that HSE begins with management commitment. In order to emphasise this commitment, QNFS has implemented a "ZERO Incidents SM" safety culture.