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 A Message from the General Manager

Keith Robinson


One of the toughest things about taking over leadership of QNFS was to step into the shoes of the previous GM, Keith Robinson, whom together with the founders have created a company with a fantastic platform with which to build on for the future.

I remember when we started off, it’s a “Massive Commitment and a Fantastic Opportunity”. Not many people in life is fortunate enough to be involved in creating a new company from a blank piece of paper. You have to work as many hours as you can keep your eyes open, and you have to be patient to see rewards.”

QNFS has intentionally not developed any new business opportunities over the last two years due to the fact that we wanted to reach a steady state both in the company and in our two large projects. We do believe that the time for expansion has arrived and the fundamentals driving economic growth in the Qatar market seem likely to increase, promising decent future economic growth in many business sectors over the next few years. Growth doesn’t happen by default. It can only happen by design. It takes a lot of work. We intend to be very watchful for the pitfalls but will also take on a manageable amount of risk if it makes good business sense.

Strategically, QNFS will use the two large sustainable long term maintenance projects as the company anchors which will provide us with a steady secure income and from this base develop new clients, projects and business sectors. QNFS original vision was to “Become the leading provider of Asset Care services in Qatar”. We believe that this target was reached. However, with so many new opportunities in Qatar, we will be revising the original statement to be in line with our expansion vision.

Despite the tough overall Middle East environment, companies that make the right moves and have the right relationships in place, will unlock huge new markets and create substantial wealth over the rest of this decade. One thing we cannot do however is – standstill – this leads to stagnation and we need to keep one step ahead of our competitors to stay in the game.

In closing, I give my personal commitment to grow QNFS to a state where the founders both as well as the employees achieve financial success and are proud of to work for.


Deon Otto
QNFS General Manager