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I Have A Dream


QNFS is a “CAN DO” organization; not only for the clients but also for our employees.


I have a dream. This is exactly what Mr. Rajesh Challiyil thought when he was working in India. His dream was to own his own house. There was only one problem; how would he be able to afford it.

He started looking around for opportunities in India, but could not find anything that suited him. He had never been outside of India but started to look further afield. Then in July 2010 he received an offer from QNFS. This was the opportunity he was looking for. Of course this meant he would have to leave the comforts of his home in Kochin, Kerela in India where he rented a house with his wife Raji Rajesh. They got married on June 16, 2005 and are the proud parents of identical twin boys called Akash and Adrash.

After some discussion they decided that he should take the opportunity and he flew to Qatar and joined QNFS as a Snr. Electrical Technician on August 4, 2010. He felt concerned about leaving his family but his parents (Father: Ayyappan Challiyil and Mother Radha Ayyappan) promised to help his wife and his 4 year old twins.

Rajesh was welcomed to the QNFS family and immediately made an impact. His warm personality and friendly smile made him a popular member of the team and his willingness to help was noticed by all. He also proved to be a very lucky person and was won a Lucky draw competition where he got a laptop as a prize. He also won the Best safety person award and received a signed cricket bat and ball from the legendary Kapil Dev.

“But all the time his focus was on the dream of owning his own house. During his vacation back home Rajesh and Raji kept on planning the purchase of their own home. Then came August 27, 2012 when he had the opportunity to buy his own house for him and his family. He flew back to India and held the housewarming on Sept 9 with about 100 guests attending. Included in the guests were also some of his QNFS colleagues, old friends, family and of course the twins Akash and Adrash. ”

The house that Rajesh and his family dreamt about

House warming celebrations with some QNFS friends. Rajesh and his family are on the left:


The joy and happiness Rajesh and his family experienced were shared with the Site Management team at the Shell project. These are the moments that make us proud to be part of QNFS team. Like Rajesh many other people have dreams and we would like to help all to make their dreams come true. QNFS is a “CAN DO” organization; not only for the clients but also for our employees.