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Qatar Shell GTL awarded QNFS the five year Multi-Disciplinary Maintenance contract in January 2010. A short description follows. QNFS is actively pursuing a number of other important opportunities and remains optimistic about future potential.


QSGTL - Multi-Disciplinary Maintenance Service Contract

Qatar Shell Gas-To-Liquids Limited (QSGTL) has awarded QNFS a five plus one year contract to perform consolidated Multi-Discipline Maintenance Services (MDMS) for QSGTL's Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) process and utilities plant located in Ras Laffan, Qatar.

The GTL facility is located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, ~100 kilometers north of Doha, in the State of Qatar. The facility is the world's largest integrated GTL complex and includes the development of offshore natural gas resources in Qatar's North Field, through gas processing and the conversion of the remaining gas into clean liquid hydrocarbon products. The facility will produce 140,000 barrels per day of liquid hydrocarbon products. The facility is being developed in two phases with the first train scheduled to be complete in late 2010, with the second train completed around one year later. The facility plot size of 1.4 by 1.6 kilometers or 230 hectares is more than 450 football fields.

The multi-billion dollar QSGTL facility represents a series of industry firsts. It is the largest integrated oil and gas project in the world, and the largest GTL facility in the world. The GTL facility is a major step towards meeting the world’s growing demand for cleaner energy, accelerate Qatar's strategy of diversifying natural gas usage and will serve to promote their ambition of being the GTL capital of the world.