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QNFS is a leading company that provides a full range of Comprehensive Plant Maintenance Services including:

• Routine, preventive, predictive, and breakdown maintenance,

• Shutdown Management, Execution and Support,

• Pre-commissioning and operational support.

• Manpower (Services) supply in various fields:  

• Lab Technician  • Control/Analyzer/F&G Technician 
• Control/ Analyzer/ F&G Technician • Planning/Scheduling/Coordinating
• Industrial Waste Labor • Shutdown coordination specialist/technician
• Rigging • Workshops Support
• Hydrojet Technician • Overhead Crane Technician
• Auto and MV Technician • Safety Technician
• Supervisory Staff • Quality Assurance
• Auto CAD • Condition Monitoring Technician

• Competency Assessment program

• Third party procurement services for materials and minor and major service subcontracts

• Support Services – unit rate painting; scaffolding; insulation; and refractory services

• Offshore and well head maintenance 


QNFS has a well-established and experienced resource pool in country that has grown from 600 in early 2012, to nearly 1800 by the end of 2014. QNFS’ focus on ensuring all needs identified by our customers are met enables a continuous improvement culture of working together with our clients to achieve the maintenance and operations excellence desired. Both QNFS service/maintenance management and asset based Supervisors work to develop an understanding with their client counterparts and become conversant with the client’s strategic approach of improved plant maintenance and operations support. QNFS Leadership team technical expertise as well as Best Practices from QNFS parent company combine with an intimate knowledge of the plant and its equipment to provide a continuous path of improvement.

Ensuring QNFS maintains their ability to excel in the Services and maintenance satisfaction towards the clients, specific performance drivers within the department are:

A. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

• Schedule Compliance (SC)
• Planned Preventive Maintenance compliance (PPM) 

B. Ability to respond to manpower and services needs

• Any number of competent and experienced short term workers within a short period can be supplied for shutdown or other support
• Ability to respond and adapt to clients’ needs by having flexibility to current job scopes on the go  
C. Open, transparent communication
• QNFS believes proper and accurate communication provides the necessary trust with client confidence and is considered as one of the cornerstones of the departments successes.
This unique characteristic within the department have constituted confidence and trust within all our clients.n