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Human Resources objectives is to enhance Qatar National Facility Services (QNFS) pursuit of excellence by providing best talent available with expertise and by following best practices in the areas of recruitment, motivation, development and retention of the most valuable resource – high performing employees.

Human Resources play an important role in ever demanding industries to find ways and add value to our business which depends on the commitment of our employees.

The Human Resources Department of QNFS embraces these values:

• Focuses on the needs and aspirations of the projects we serve

• We are in a learning curve but remain dedicated to support our customers
• Is accountable for actions and outcomes
• Is committed to diversity at all levels

We incorporate these values in our organization through which we select, develop, reward and retain people while recognizing core competencies in our employees.

Accountability Adaptability Communication Inclusiveness Team Focus

There is a wealth of challenging and exciting opportunities in the State of Qatar and we have long term projects in Ras Laffan Industrial City, hence, we encourage you to visit our website and submit your resume for the open positions.

QNFS Definition of Diversity

QNFS sees Diversity as a description of the visible and invisible differences that exist between people, such as, gender, race, ethnic origin, physical and mental ability, age, economic class, language, religion, nationality, education, and family/marital status.

• QNFS recognises that these visible and non-visible differences between people can also lead to differences in experiences, values, attitudes, ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and working.

Why does QNFS value Diversity?

Moral Reasons

Legal Reasons

Business Benefits

QNFS believes in
the right to equity
essential dignity of others 


QNFS is committed
to fulfilling it’s legal
obligation as an
employer to promote
equal opportunities


QNFS sees diversity
differences as
opportunities that
when used effectively
can bring benefits to
the organisation

Reinforces QNFS’s Values Ethics, Teamwork, Excellence, HS&E