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QNFS was instrumental in ensuring that Shell and AMECO entered into an agreement for the procurement and erection of the first of this kind of Blast resistant shelters in the Middle East. Based on the excellent value proposition, proven safety record and ease of erection, Shell preferred these shelters with the proviso that the QNFS lead erection that was required to be completed prior to the commencement of the summer season in Qatar.

These blast resistant shelters (2 shelters of size 23m x 7m each) proved to be an ideal solution for the very high temperatures and accompanying high humidity levels of the Middle East within the confines of a GTL plant. The air conditioning environment inside the shelters gives all employees a safe and secure area to cool off. This, coupled with the knowledge that the facility gives with the best protection available in the unlikely event of an explosion, gives all occupants real peace of mind while taking a break.
These shelters are extensively used in the Americas as well as other global regions and comply with all the industry safety standards
Given the fact that the Shell plant in Qatar is newly built and commissioned facility, and considered a leader in numerous aspects of GTL technologies amongst others, QNFS undertook the initiative to introduce the AMECO supplied blast resistant type shelters to Shell as a further enhancement in terms of the leading edge of the Shell facility within the Middle East region.

These shelters offer a unique opportunity for all concerned and it is truly a win-win solution for Shell, AMECO and QNFS. Most importantly the users of the blast resistant shelters are cool, safe and secure in a harsh environment.