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About QNFS

Qatar National Facility Services (QNFS) is a local Qatari company owned by TRAGS and Fluor Corporation from United States of America. We provide O&M services and manage assets and supply specialized manpower to various clients in Oil & Gas and other Industry in the State of Qatar.

Our main focus is to assist our clients and understand their deliverables and provide them highly skilled and qualified personnel on their projects. We can cater dedicated services and recruit multi taskforce within shortest possible time through recruitment campaigns or through our talented partner agencies.

Our recruitment process is quite simple, if you have the right set of skills and necessary qualification. Candidates are required  to have at least Five (5) years experience in current role/ respective trade. We reimburse all medical costs that are incurrred during the mobilization process and there is no placement fees (100% free recruitment).

All candidates are required to communicate in English (read, write, speak and understand) in order to pass the HSSE and othe related trainings during the induction.


Current Open Positions:

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    1. Position Description: QP-00006-JD-11-GENERAL TECHNICIAN (MECH)

      Job Title: Technician (Mechanical)
      Reports to: Senior Mechanical Engineer/ Mechanical Engineer
      Base Location: Operations (Refinery)

      • Carry out highly skilled maintenance, repair and overhaul of Rotary equipment and Minor/routine maintenance of static equipment installed at QP Refinery process units i.e. Refinery 1 & 2, RFCC, Condensate Refinery, Utilities/Off sites, Tank Farm, Berth#6, BSV3 and Station C1 at Hamad Intl. Airport (HIA).

      • Carry out highly skilled maintenance, repair and overhaul of Rotary equipment such as Pumps, Compressors,
      Steam/Gas turbines, Air fans, Mixers, Turbo Machinery etc. and minor/routine maintenance of static equipment.
      • Receives verbal/written instructions from Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer, obtains permit through RIS, organizes tools, tackles & spares from store and completes the maintenance work as assigned with minimum
      • Carries out Preventive/Corrective maintenance of all types of Rotary equipment, which includes assembly/disassembly,
      bearings & seal renewal, alignment correction, etc. then record all activities in the PM checklist.
      • To perform the lubrication of the rotary equipment including checking / filling lube oil/ grease in bearing housings, oil consoles, crank cases etc. Replacement and cleaning of lube oil systems, filters, lube oil sight glasses, hydraulic oil filters, maintain auto greasing and drip feeding systems etc. Recommend/ request asset integrity team to perform oil analysis, if required.
      • Coordinates closely with other maintenance disciplines and other departments to complete the assigned jobs.
      • Performs major equipment overhauls and participates in shutdown works, Carries out correct measurements of clearances/tolerances using a wide range of measuring instruments such as micrometer, Vernier calliper, depth gauge, feeler gauge etc.
      • Maintains equipment history and ensures correct management of work orders.
      • Ensures housekeeping of area after completion of assigned task.

      • Qualified with a Diploma/Certificate in Mechanical Technology from a recognized institution
      • Minimum of level 5 in English communication skills (oral/written)
      • Extensive knowledge of Mechanical Rotary equipment
      •  Ability to work in a multinational environment Minimum of 8 years experience in Refinery/Oil& Gas/Petrochemical plants.
      • Must have experience in Pumps (Single & Multistage), Steam/Gas Turbines, centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, Turbo machinery etc.
      • Capable of using computer for creating permits in RIS, Preferably having knowledge & experience of using SAP & Office (Word & Excel)

    1. Position Description: QP-00007-JD-12-GENERAL TECHNICIAN (MECH)

      Job Title: General Technician (Mechanical)
      Reports to: Heavy Equipment Supervisor
      Base Location: Operations (Refinery)

      • To ensure the availability of all heavy and rigging equipment in the Refinery through maintenance and inspection. Assist the Heavy
      Equipment Supervisor in establishing the needs for new equipment, and to arrange for certification of all rigging equipment.

      • Main areas of work are Refinery 1/2, RFCC, Condensate Refinery, Utilities and Offsite including WOQOOD, QATEX, SEEF and Berth # 6.
      • To be conversant with the operation of all mobile cranes, fork lifters, pay loader, and other workshop cranes and equipment installed at Refinery.
      • Monitor the conformity to codes, guide and discuss acceptable ways and means to overcome practical field problems and arrange for inspections.
      •Responsible forcarrying out the maintenance and repairs of mobile & gantry cranes, forklifts, winches and all associated lifting tackles & equipment and supervise the Call off Contractor for Crane and Lifting Equipment Servicing.
      • Monitors the performance of rigging equipment and consumption of consumables including lubricants, tires, batteries etc. Keeps proper record of rigging equipment. Inform the supervisor for any new requirement or replenishment of tools and consumables.
      • Create work permits in RIS. To be able to read and follow the instructions as mentioned in the Work permits and follow all precautions as mentioned in hot and cold work.
      •  Ensures safe working condition for all workers and the work and to arrange house keeping and cleaning of work area and the equipment. Ensures that the company environmental, health and safety procedures are adhered to while performing maintenance work inside the Refinery. Ensures housekeeping of area after completion of assigned task. Maintains respect and discipline in the work area
      • Any other work as assigned by the Heavy Equipment Supervisor.

      • Minimum of 12 years of school education, formal professional courses in heavy lifting equipment maintenance and operations along with 8-10 years of working experiences in construction and/ or petrochemical environment.

    1. Position Description: QP-00010-JD-02 (OFD-ELEC)

      Job Title: Technician (Electrical)
      Reports to: Senior Workshop Engineer
      Base Location: Dukhan Workshop

      • Performs with the contractors in carrying out the routine maintenance, troubleshooting and fault diagnosis, testing, overhauling of all types of motors for hazardous environment, mobile electrical equipment, and other electrical equipment in the workshop

      • Carry out the preventive and the corrective maintenance of all electrical equipment such as generators, motors, MOV, rectifiers, inverters, MCC panels, downhole pump (DHP) cable, welding machines, steam boilers and other mobile electrical equipment in the workshop
      • Receive and coordinate with Sr. Technician (Electrical) all incoming work requests for repair or modification works in all types of plant equipment.
      • Report to the Sr. Workshop Engineer (Electrical) regarding jobs or other official matters as and when required.
      • Carry out faultfinding and implement recommended modification.
      • Handle emergency or urgent jobs within short time with quality and safe manner.
      • Follow the Workshop's working instructions and procedures from time to time and ensure implementation of the decisions. Ensure that all the work carried out is as per the laid down QMS procedures.
      • Check the spare parts requirement for the scheduled and unscheduled works and coordinate with Sr. Technician (Electrical).
      • Ensure other related duties are carry out such as completing documentation maintenance records.;
      • Carry out standby (callout) duties.

      • Completion of higher secondary school (12 years) education, followed by 3 years full time training or Diploma in Electrical Engineering/Maintenance.
      • Good in oral and in written English communication skill, and experience of working under hazardous environment are other requirements

      • Minimum of 5 years practical experience in installation, maintenance, repair, overhauling of low voltage and medium voltage motors, MOV, mobile electrical equipment in Petrochemical Industry.

  • Date Posted: 25 Sep 2018

    1. Position Description: QP-00015-JD-08-GENERAL TECHNICIAN (FABRICATION)

      Job Title: General Technician (Fabriciation)
      Reports to: Senior Mechanical Engineer

      To perform & supervise all types of fabrication works by referring to engineering drawings, specifications, sketches and field data at Refinery site and within workshop including consumables, equipment, tools, permits and preparations for the job

      • Main Areas of work are Refinery 1/2, RFCC, Condensate Refinery, Utilities, and Offsite including Berth 6, WOQOD, SEEF and QATEX
      • Receives work orders from Sr. Mechanical Engineer (Fabrication) check work at site including taking the measurements, prepare bill of quantities and establishing work requirements
      • Should be able to work from drawings, sketches and engineering specs. Issue relevant Work permits in RIS as per job requirements at site
      • Check the availability of materials as required for IATs (Inspection Advise Tickets) and coordinates work execution with Operations and other sections
      • To carry out fabrication work on all types of materials including aluminum, bronze, brass, carbon steels, stainless steels, alloy steels, etc. He should be aware and capable of special measures & procedures for each category of work
      • Should be able to do repairs on equipment and machinery including heaters, boilers, pressure vessels, turbo machinery, pumps, etc. Supervise the Contractual Welding Manpower and make all necessary preparations for performing works during Normal Routine and unplanned Shutdowns
      • Ensure safe working condition for the workers and the work. He shall ensure fire-blanketing, masks, fire extinguishers and protective clothing safety
      • Issue work directions to assigned fabrication group at assigned locations in refinery and arranges housekeeping and cleaning of work area and the equipment
      • Perform any other works assigned by the Sr. Mechanical Engineer (Fabrication)

      •  Minimum 12 years of school education, formal professional certifications in fabrication along with 8-10 years of working experiences in construction and/ or petrochemical environment

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